Reaching Your Potential In Science

As a Science teacher with over 3 decades of experience, Alan Woods has a great desire to see pupils reach their full potential. This is something that is measured ultimately with exam success, and experience has given him the wisdom to improve on what is possible within a school environment. By using tried and tested strategies on learning, understanding and retaining information, Alan has developed a fantastic track record in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire region.

Some of the proven ways in which students can benefit from ‘studying smart’ include often basic yet overlooked techniques. An example would be completing any given course or written assignment as soon as possible. By showing pupils the best practice methods to be able to finish work quicker, it then gives the opportunity to review past papers. This will highlight mistakes, inconsistencies and inaccurate information, leading to a chance to amend any work in plenty of time. A grade of 80 percent means 1 in 5 answers are wrong, and Alan can help to overcome this common study error of leaving work until too late.

Take advantage of the AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance) website. You can discover hundreds of past science papers to test yourself, and this should be done as early into a course as possible. This ‘feet in first’ approach helps students to learn from typical exam style questioning, familiarises them with working under timed conditions, and most of all helps them learn and cross check answers. By completing many papers it’s possible to feel both confident and comfortable with exam questioning formats. You can also experience the way in which examiners award marks for student answers.

Marking your own papers helps to build knowledge of the whole exam process, in a thorough and thought provoking manner. Seeing what the examination panel will look for and then applying this to the answers you give increases the chance of higher marks.

Just a week before the test exam put yourself through your paces. Alan has learned that by helping pupils understand how to prepare early, completing 5 papers in the last week will install that final bit of both confidence and reassurance. Knowing that you are ready is enough to see a pupil enter the examination room in the right frame of mind; and armed with the right knowledge. Negativity is a known result of poor preparation, and students with the right passage of study leading to exams will perform better.

One key reason why Alan Woods is a successful tutor in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area is the fact he enjoys teaching, enjoys science and encourages students to enjoy the subject too. Seeing exams in the wrong light can again hinder performance, and having the right tutor who shows pupils that success can be fun, becomes a major influence. Keeping a clear mind (through confidence) breeds the ability to answer what being asked, preventing deviation from the question.

Feel free to call today for more information. Find out how to take advantage of the decades of experience (helping men and women of all ages) that Alan can pass on to willing pupils across the region.